Because they inspire us or for entertainment purposes or maybe we just love the content they share.

What I meant is, we follow someone for a purpose, we all do have a reason for following someone.

What you offer to your audience is the purpose your audience follows you.


Did you know Justin Bieber’s mother used to post his singing videos on YouTube, from there he went viral and caught the attention of a record company’s executive and grasped his first break?

And not just the talented ones, but Kardashian’s also got famous after their infamous scandal and now…

4 Lessons We’ve Learned, Sometimes the Hard Way, About Inclusive Marketing

Why do advertisements stereotype?

Aren’t you sick of stereotyping in advertisements?

Don’t tell me it is just me!

It’s becoming annoying and racist day by day.

Why do we only see skinny models for clothing brands?

Why do we…

Before we start talking about the future, let us talk about our past a little bit.

Which part of history do you like the most?

Evolution of humans?

Introduction of technology?

Machines taking over manpower?

Or 2020?

I love every bit of human evolutionary history.

We know how humans invented…

What is the best part you remember from your childhood?

For me, it was when my grandpa used to share stories with us. I miss him and his stories.

Listening and telling stories is a part of everyone’s life.

No matter how old are you, admit it, you love hearing…

Let me start this with a story of a girl and her parents,

The girl was an average and introverted student in school, and never really achieved any medals or acknowledgment ever.

On the other hand, her cousins were extremely talented and never scored anything less than 90%.

Can you…

With the growing base of online buyers and active users, every business and brand owner started making the best use of blogging for their business. Yes, you heard it right, Blogging is a key element for B2B marketing these days. It is considered to be the best online marketing strategy…

Learning and sharing about the new ways and methods of marketing and building new strategies is my favorite thing to do.

I geek out when I listen to new marketing terms.

Recently I heard about ‘thought leadership marketing’ and how impactful it is. …

What is a happy weekend for you?

A quiet Sunday with yourself at home doing absolutely nothing at all or you do the socializing.

In the name of the weekend, all I ever had was Sunday.

So, I like to spend my Sunday staying in my bed all day.


Art that inspires your audience

It is a known fact that if something is appealing to the eyes, it catches the interest already.

I am not saying that only looks matter, I am just stating a fact that yeah at some level it does matter.

And by looks, I meant the design.

From website to…

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