Design is the art that inspires your audience.

Art that inspires your audience

It is a known fact that if something is appealing to the eyes, it catches the interest already.

I am not saying that only looks matter, I am just stating a fact that yeah at some level it does matter.

And by looks, I meant the design.

From website to your social media accounts to product design, some people just work on the color themes.

This my friend is a full-time job also.

Fancy, right?

But why would someone put so much time and effort into the appearances?

See that’s the catch here, you need to inspire your audience through something and design can do that work for you.

I used to cry for coin chocolates every other day, it’s not that I craved for the taste but because I liked the fancy gold packaging and the box those chocolates came into. FYI those chocolates were extra sweet and sucked. Not just coin chocolates, I went crazy about many things because of their packaging and fancy boxes.

So one needs to work on their designs so that they can attract an audience for the start.

Design plays a big part in branding.

I’ve read in some surveys that design-centric companies’ growth rate is 211%. Examples; coca-cola, Nike, Apple, etc.

That’s why having a strong team for designing should be the priority for every business.

What is that one thing you ever bought or tried just because of its appearance and it sucked?

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