Did you know Justin Bieber’s mother used to post his singing videos on YouTube, from there he went viral and caught the attention of a record company’s executive and grasped his first break?

And not just the talented ones, but Kardashian’s also got famous after their infamous scandal and now the whole world knows them.

Social Media is a funny place, it can make anything viral and make you famous overnight.

There are plenty of examples around us, who are famous because of the overnight success.

A platform like TikTok was known for making its content viral.

Content on a channel like TikTok goes viral with no rules and talents, maybe because of the algorithm. The more things go viral, the more it encourages the creator to keep creating the content on that channel.

But not all platforms have the same algorithm, or I would rather say, they have a strict one.

But isn’t that all we creators want? Going viral and catching as much attention as we can?

I want that!

And I am working hard for it too.

But getting viral on social media for good reasons is very hard.

Hard but possible.

But the cringe content doesn’t need any luck, it can go viral within seconds.


It hurts to see many potential artists are still struggling to get the recognition that they deserve, while on the other hand, people with no talent and senseless content grabbing the attention.

Trolling and spamming doesn’t matter to them, people are making them viral. And getting viral means getting famous.

We need to stop doing that.

Making unworthy content viral.

Why does that happen?

Here are the reasons that make unworthy content go viral:

· Negativity sells more than positivity: We love positive content, but not as much as we love sharing negative content. We all do that now and then. Media houses and journalism have become the factory of selling negativity. Channels like Twitter and Instagram, are very popular for making a huge mess out of negative news.

· Emotional content: Have you ever seen videos of people helping a poor guy by giving him money or food? Yes, we all love kind acts, but doing that and making a video and then posting on social media channels is an act of kindness? Or is it the act of getting 2 minutes of fame? Ever heard of helping someone with the right hand and not letting know about it to the left hand? Yes, help people but don’t do it for the fame, it is sadder than it sounds.

· Cringe Content. This type of content makes my every nerve creep out loud. Why we share this kind of stuff even for a few laughs or to troll the creator? We are unintentionally making them famous by giving them attention. Creators are getting fame by making cringe and senseless content and creators who are creating quality content are having a hard time getting the exposure.

· Luck: This thing is not in anybody’s hand. It works for some and others just work hard. I am not taking away anything from those who worked hard for it by giving them the tag of ‘lucky’, but the fact is not deniable that going viral is the game of luck as well.

But how can we make quality content go viral on social media platforms that deserve attention?

The only thing you can do to make your content go viral is PROMOTE.

PROMOTE like your life depends on it.

Here are few things that you can do to promote your quality content on social media channels:

1. Choose your post wisely, for promotion: Social media channels offers a bundle of ways to promote your posts. Promoting your posts can get you a lot of exposure and other things depending on the type of ad campaign. But to promote a post you need to pick a post you are so sure about its quality and the value it holds.

2. Choose the right platform and the objective for the promotion: It is very important to understand and know the objectives and the right channel for your promotion.

3. Know your audience: You must have heard about your audience a million times, but it is the most important thing when you choose to promote your content. Knowing your audience gives you a better judgment for picking up the right channel and selecting the target audience for the promotion through demographics.

4. Collaborate with Influencers: The influencers or bloggers can help you in giving a boost to your content. If you have a good budget you can go with any blogger within your niche. And if you have a limited budget, then do not worry, partner, or collaborate with amateur influencers.

5. Tag popular accounts on your posts: Tagging popular accounts on the relevant post can grab the attention of them and if you are lucky enough, they might repost your content. Most of the fashion bloggers keep reposting the content from smaller accounts in which they are tagged as the ‘inspiration’. You can do the same with the bloggers or influencers or meme accounts of your niche.

6. Create engaging content: The best trick to create engaging content is to use click baits and a great call-to-action. A good CTA makes the audience engage with your post. And more engagement means more exposure. And for the records, likes don’t get you the exposure that comments and shares can get you. So, make every comment count, reply to them to keep them engaged. Tip: end your CTA with a question, it has a better chance to get a response.

7. Use memes: Memes are the best way to get viral because they are funny and shareable. Try to make memes that cover your niche, relevant, tending, and hold value. Memes and vines are the fastest way to get viral because they are highly engaging and shareable.

Conclusion: Every creator who is working hard wants to grow on social media channels. With all the things mentioned above, he can get closer to achieving that goal. Getting viral is in nobody’s hands but you need to keep creating the quality and valuable content and never stop. The attitude of ‘not quitting’ is what matters in the long term. And luck is part of the journey. Never stop hoping and never get tired if things are not working in your favor, for now, you can have it all, if only, you keep working.

Keep working and creating the quality content, you will get there someday, I promise.

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