What is a happy weekend for you?

A quiet Sunday with yourself at home doing absolutely nothing at all or you do the socializing.

In the name of the weekend, all I ever had was Sunday.

So, I like to spend my Sunday staying in my bed all day.

Netflix & Nap is my thing for a happy weekend.

My parents are sick of this lazy Sunday routine of mine, I don’t know why it pisses them off so much.

So last Sunday my mother started the morning with morning bhajans on the music system at 6 A.M.

‘What a nice way to start a day with the name of God’ she said.

And then I saw the evil smile on her face.

Okay! So, we were all up and having our morning tea by 7 Am.

From cleaning the house to preparing lunch for the day, she made us do all the work.

And oh boy! She was so happy to see me taking my lazy ass out of my room and doing the normal things.

hen, in the evening, after we were all sitting and having our evening tea, I asked my mother what’s next?

She gave me her ‘clueless’ look.

‘I did your thing the whole day, now it’s your turn’, I said.

She smiled in excitement

‘meaning what?’ She asked.

‘Now you have to watch a movie with me of my choice’ I replied.

And now who was having her evil smile?

So I picked a movie that I was so sure about would make my mama crazy.

I picked ‘365 days’ (Don’t judge, this was for fun only).

And in 5 minutes my mother started screaming ‘Ewwww! What is he doing? OMG! Do you watch such movies? Oh don’t tell me you have already watched this movie

The look on her face was scary for me, but this was supposed to be fun I thought in my head.

And now whenever she watches me watching something online, she judges me. And I still laugh at the thought of the reaction she gave on that day.

What was I thinking?

But, whatever

That was a happy weekend!

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