Because they inspire us or for entertainment purposes or maybe we just love the content they share.

What I meant is, we follow someone for a purpose, we all do have a reason for following someone.

What you offer to your audience is the purpose your audience follows you.

And if you have a business that is available on social media channels, then you need to work on gaining followers as well.

But before jumping on ‘how’ let me tell you ‘why’ it is important for a business or a professional to have the massive following:

· A huge or a decent following brings credibility to your social media pages.

· Money is the obvious factor.

· You can use the platform to inspire others.

· You can partner with other influencers.

· Large audience base drives more sales or leads.

· Huge following results in better awareness without the help of any awareness ad campaign.

There are so many other benefits when you have a massive following, but the benefits depend on your niche.

Getting followers overnight is just like a dream, and sometimes dream come true as well, when a post goes viral. Yes, going viral is the only thing that can get you, followers, overnight and there is no other way to get followers other than the hard work.

Here are a few things that people do to get followers:

· Follow-unfollow: following people insanely and later unfollowing them once they followed back.

· Spamming the comment section: People spam the profiles with a huge audience base and high engagement so that they can grab some eyeballs and they can follow later.

· Buying followers: There are plenty of schemers that sell followers. Firstly, they are not real followers, they are bots. Secondly, all this is a scam.

· Engagement groups: Yes, there are groups in every niche, that comment, like, and share your post, in return you have to do the same for them. This engagement group doesn’t serve any purpose though.

All the above-mentioned things are a strict NO-NO. Never fell for such social media traps. Social media channels have a strict algorithm, they can detect such activities and you can get banned. Why risking your business account for followers, that you can grow organically?

Here’s how you can grow a massive following on social media channels:

1. Create your company’s hashtag: We call them ‘branded hashtag’ and ask your friends and family to repost your post with those hashtags. These branded hashtags work as a stamp for your content, and your potential audience can see all your work with the help of those hashtags.

2. Use hashtags: There is a limit of 30 hashtags on Instagram, you need to divide it equally into 5 categories:

· Long-tail hashtags

· Industry related hashtags

· Hashtags that cover the topic of your post (micro-niche)

· Branded hashtags

· Hashtags of giant accounts that come under your niche.

Hashtags are a very important part of social media. If you have less following or your account is new, hashtags are a freeway pass to get you the exposure. Don’t miss out on this one.

3. Create interesting content and don’t be boring: Boring content and boring feeds repel the audience. To make them stay and keep engaged, you need to make your feeds and content interesting. Visuals and videos are the best sources of entertainment these days.

4. Engage with other popular accounts: There is a thing called ‘pinned comment’ that shows on the top comments. Switch on the notifications of every popular account, and be the first one to comment when they post something. Don’t just comment for the sake of engagement, your comment should be relevant and holds value.

5. Keep your feeds authentic: From your profile bio to user name, and visuals to the color of the feeds, you need to work it all. A good color palette that suits the personality of your brand is very important. Colors and visuals catch the attention, and your 30 words bio tells a lot about your brand.

6. Use captions for storytelling: Storytelling is the most entertaining way to deliver the message to your audience. Stories are readable and highly engaging.

7. Participate in live sessions with the influencers: Follow the influencers of your niche, and participate every time whenever they are live. Ask them questions and tell them why you praise them. Share your views and ask them about their upcoming posts. Oh, c’mon you know how you can start a conversation. Just do it and don’t be a shy baby.

8. Tag popular accounts: Tagging is the other best way to grab attention. Don’t just start tagging randomly, tag them on relevant posts. Like the post, you made after getting inspired by someone’s post, or you reshared someone’s work. Anything, but do it subtly and stay a mile away from spamming.

9. Have a unique grid: Unique grids not only adds aesthetics to your feeds but also grabs the instant attention of the visitor. If you know Photoshop then you can do a lot of experiments with designing, but if not there are so many tools that can do this for you. Yes, some apps can do all the designing for your feeds. These apps have paid as well as free templates.

10. Be proactive in story sharing: If you are not regular in posting the content, it is fine. But no matter what you need to be proactive in sharing stories. Stories are quick and easily engageable. You just need to work on the strategy for story sharing on a daily basis. I started with sharing 3 stories daily and now I share 6–7 stories daily, with a strict strategy, theme, and time.

Conclusion: It is not all about gaining and focusing on followers, but building a community, a giant community. The initial stage of getting 500 followers is hard, it took me almost 6 months to get my first 500 followers, but after that growth became easy. I then get my 1000 followers within a month. Growing on social media platforms is hard for new business, but it is a beautiful process because you get the experience and learn so much. Only grow organically and stay away from the scammers that promise you the followers overnight.

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