Let me start this with a story of a girl and her parents,

The girl was an average and introverted student in school, and never really achieved any medals or acknowledgment ever.

On the other hand, her cousins were extremely talented and never scored anything less than 90%.

Can you feel the pain here of her being the only average child in the whole family?

On her boards, she scored around 60% and her parents were so happy because they expected anything from her more than 40%.

But her cousin scored 88%, yeah bloody 88% and she was crying, her parents were sad because they were expecting so much more from her.

If you ask me, I think she just wanted to pass, nothing more nothing less.

It was awkward when both of their families met, one was sad and not talking much with the 88,% and the other family was distributing sweets and planning a big family dinner as their child just passed her board exams.

So, who won here?

The one with high expectations?

Or the one with no expectations?

It is natural to expect a good score from a child when the parents know the child’s capability. But does that make her achievement any lesser? She worked hard for it though.

According to my the one with 60% won here because she was happy, her parents were happy and satisfied.

Ps: Does happiness and satisfaction are the ultimate goals for winning in life?

A person who is procrastinating in life, and not doing much to grow in life just because he is happy, comfortable, and satisfied? This is not what I call winning in life.

The person is just lazy. He is not doing anything at all to grow in life.

Why does that person need to grow in life when he is already satisfied and happy the way he is?

Because he is not moving. He is not moving in life. Standing still in life shouldn’t be anyone’s purpose.

I am not saying one shouldn’t be happy with what he has achieved, but stopping himself from going further is the problem.

Winning in life does not mean winning or achieving something or you need to be good at something.

All you need to do is never stop trying.

Stop worrying about the result.

You are working hard for something that should be enough for you.

Don’t compare your growth with others, because you don’t know what they have gone through to achieve where they are.

Don’t compare your struggle with others.

Don’t compare your failures with someone else’s achievement.

Just stop comparing yourself with others.

Start comparing yourself with your older self.

You should be your biggest competition.

No matter whether you score a 60 or a 40, but if you are growing and progressing from the older you, you are winning already.

The living standards of society have changed the meaning of winning in life.

The one with a good home and car and all kinds of luxury, comfort is what society thinks is winning in life.

Getting married at the right age and having children is what society thinks is winning in life.

Having A huge social circle is society’s way of measuring anyone’s success.

But what do you think about these things?

Those materialistic things shouldn’t be the parameter to judge anyone’s success.

Who are those people to judge anyone’s success?

If a person is happy in a rented home, unmarried, with no friends at all, and is working hard to pay off his rent and have goals to achieve in his life, a purpose to live for, isn’t that a success?

It seems fine to me.

Well, it is his choice what he wanted to do with his life, who are we to judge him?

We are wrong for comparing winning in life to the achievements that one has achieved.

This is all wrong.

Just focus on your lives and not others.

For some people just getting up early and arriving on time in the office is an achievement.

I am some people.

Having a job that pays off your bills and expenses, is an achievement.

A man able to provide food to his family is his achievement.

Able to do what you love, is an achievement.

If you have a family or even one person that you can go to when you feel low, is an achievement.

Winning in life doesn’t mean trophies or medals.

It is something that makes you grateful for something you have.

It is something that you are happy about.

The choice you make in life is yours, and not anyone’s business to judge you for that.

But if you are still clueless (it is okay to be clueless), and have no idea how to win at life, here are a few things that you can do:

1. Give your life a purpose.

A word like ‘purpose’ sounds so heavy and deep. But here I meant to set goals in your life. They don’t have to be big ones; you can start with baby steps by setting short goals. Having a goal in life makes it worthwhile. You will feel good when you have a purpose in life.

2. Start taking responsibilities.

Stop crying over your mistakes and blaming others for the choices you made in your life, rather stand up and take responsibility for your actions. It is okay to make mistakes, we are humans and we make mistakes. But taking responsibility for our actions is the winner’s attitude in life.

3. Start looking at life differently.

Sometimes we try so hard for the things that are not in our hands. You need to change your perspective to look at life. A person who loves cricket can’t score runs in a cricket playground but can score wickets. He is a better baller than a batsman.

4. Don’t be afraid of failures.

Don’t let your failures make you stop from achieving your goals, rather embrace your failures. Take them as a lesson, and do the same thing differently. If you fail again, then get up and do it again. Failures and success are not in your hands, but hard work and focus are what you can do.

5. Keep learning.

Keep learning every day from everyone. Meeting new people and hearing their stories and experiences, you can learn a lot from them. But if you are an introvert like me, reading books is the best teacher. Make it your hobby. And if you hate doing both, then podcasts are here for you. Just keep yourself open to learn from anything and anywhere.

6. Don’t be afraid of taking risks.

Life is not easy, it is challenging. You can’t stop yourself from taking risks, how far do you think you can get without taking risks? If you don’t take risks, you will miss out on so many opportunities. Don’t be afraid, take risks like a warrior.

7. Don’t lose focus.

Winning a race is not important, but finishing the race is what matters. You can’t lose your focus from the race track. Stay focused on your goals, don’t let yourself be distracted from those goals. Finish the goal that you have promised yourself.

8. Be optimistic.

You need to have faith in yourself and your goals. Don’t let failures make you doubt your capabilities. Just make your perspective to look at life more positive. With so much stress and pressure, don’t let the negative vibes ruin things that you have worked hard for.

9. Work harder

You don’t have to look out for your competitor, look at yourself. You are your biggest competitor. Keep working harder each day. Keep yourself motivated and inspired. Improvise each day.

Conclusion: Winning in life is not about what others think. It is about what you think about yourself. If achieving something small makes you satisfied and proud of yourself, you are already winning in life.

How many of us can say that we are happy with the life that we are living?

Very few.

Many people don’t even have the guts to do what they love and make them happy.

But some are already doing that.

What is stopping you from doing what you love?

Society? Family pressure? Job security? Finance?

You can still do it; all you need to set and plan your goals.

There’s a book IKIGAI — if you are looking for motivation in your life this book is for you.

It is a Japanese theory that you can have it all at once.

Yes, a person can have it all and anything he wants. You are capable of achieving anything, all you need is focus and goals, and perspective to look at things accordingly.

Don’t let others’ opinions make you stop from wanting what you want.

Keep working to achieve your goals, don’t stop.

If you have goals and something that you want, you are already halfway there.

Go and win it!

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