Not so unpopular opinion: Visuals speak louder than words.

Do you agree with this?

Table of content:

1. What is Web Designing?

2. Pillars of website building?

3. What is content marketing?

4. How web designing impacts content marketing in 2021?

5. Key Factors.

6. Biggest trends of 2021.

What is web designing?

Web designing is simple words is a visual design you do for a set of pages for a website.

It includes:

There are 2 main pillars of a website design:

· Cplatformontent is the endgame of every strategy, marketing, and design. Even when your niche has nothing to do with selling or blogging, you still need content to get started.

· Graphics: It is a visual representation of your content. This is the latest trend, where people are moving their interests towards graphics and visuals that hold some meaning.

What is content marketing?

Marketing of the content, as the term, speaks for itself. It includes every kind of content and platform that you can use to promote it. In content marketing, you create valuable content like an article, e-book, podcast, webinar, etc and distribute it to grab the maximum number of eyeballs for that content.

How web designing impacts content marketing in 2021?

While web designing, we need to focus on various factors other than just content. And all those factors come under the visual representation of a website, some of them are:

· Colour schemes

· Font designs

· Text size

· Graphics (meaningful and relevant)

Yes, these factors are eye-catching and this makes the content look appealing, interesting, and engaging.

Remember the time when we all loved comic books more than textbooks? I will still choose a comic book any day.

Similarly, a good website designing is like a comic book with smart and simple visuals and text, which keeps the reader engaged.

Following are the factors of how web designing impacts content marketing:

1. Appearance: People tend to make their first impression just by going through the looks, your website design that is why matters a lot. When the colors and graphics are relevant, intelligent, and unique, it automatically grasps the attention and interest of the reader. A boring design and poor graphics can repel the reader away no matter how good your content is.

2. Easy Access: A website with a simple menu bar of its pages and a search bar (voice search is the hottest trend), gives easy access to find the content for what he came looking for. We find it irritating when we have to search for a piece of article by digging under the pile of other irrelevant articles, how can you expect a user to do that. We must make his search as easy as possible and he can get the easiest access.

3. Readability: A user these days doesn’t rely on just one website, if they don’t get a good user experience apart from the content, they will move on to the other website. So, if you don’t want this to happen, you need to make them stay by making their reading interesting. You can do that by picking up nice fonts (not more than 2–3), a perfect font size, and font color. And don’t forget to use the graphics.

4. Time-saver. Many users don’t prefer to read a long article or the whole thing. They rely on getting their information through graphics and images. You need to make sure that your article speaks the same with no texts and just the graphics and images.

Have you noticed how hit the DIY videos and crafts videos are?

Ever wondered why?

Because they are giving the whole representation through visuals.

The majority of the users find it easier to learn through the videos rather than reading about them.

Biggest trends of 2021.

After knowing about the importance of having a good website design you should know about the latest trends to ace your web designing game.

So here is a bonus for you.

Following are some website designing trends that you don’t want to miss out on:

1. 3D Visuals: People already have started using them and it is a huge hit already. But not many of them are still not aware of this, use this to your advantage.

2. Personalized Chatbots: Ever noticed when you visit a website a chatbox pop-up for assistance. The upgrade version of those chat boxes is personalized chat boxes and surveys to make it interesting and engaging.

3. Dark mode: Black is classic and black is love. Everything looks cooler with the darker mode.

4. Puzzle and geometric grids: Don’t overlook the importance of having a perfect grid on your website. Puzzle grids and geometrics grids are totally in 2021.

5. Horizontal scrolling: This one is my favorite, now you can not only swipe just up and down on a page but to the right and left also. How cool is that?

6. GIF animation: Nobody has the patience to watch long animated videos, but gifs are already everyone’s favorite. Showcase your graphic game through GIF animation. And this won’t make your website slow either.

7. Minimal typography: This looks elegant and simple.

Conclusion: The motto is to deliver a strong message through designs and texts. That makes it readable and interesting. The designers plan to make their users stay as much longer as they can by giving them a good reading experience. That is why visuals and graphics play an important part in website building. Content marketing can alone do all the marketing but nowadays users started inclination towards visual designs to get the whole story.

A good web design passes the message with strong visuals and less text.

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