Thought Leadership Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide.

Learning and sharing about the new ways and methods of marketing and building new strategies is my favorite thing to do.

I geek out when I listen to new marketing terms.

Recently I heard about ‘thought leadership marketing’ and how impactful it is. So I did what I do best, I started reading about it.

I wonder why people are not aware of this much.

It is a very influential way of marketing, literally.

Table of content:

1. Meaning of thought leadership marketing.

2. What is its purpose?

3. Why does it matter and its advantages?

4. How to become a thought leader?

5. How to create a thought leadership marketing strategy?

What is thought leadership marketing?

‘Thought leadership is not just a term, it is a practice. The goal is not to generate heavy sales, but to emerge as an expert. The focus is to brand yourself or your business as an expert that answers to all the problems of their audience.

In simple language, it is done by making a business owner an influencer, who works to inspire his audience and for their betterment.

PS: The core of the practice is to work for the audience, and not for themselves.

What is the purpose of thought leadership?

The sole purpose is to serve the audience and to be trusted by them. It does not work in its interest but to give a response to the audience that they are looking for.

Why does thought leadership marketing matter?

As the meaning itself talks about the biggest advantage that its prime focus is serving the audience and emerging as an expert. A go-to brand for the audience.

But this kind of marketing holds much more importance to it. Following are a few of them:

· It gives you and your brand credibility, as it specializes in building trust in the audience.

· It holds a certain kind of authority, which makes your audience choose you over your competitors.

· It not only works on the ideas or strategies; it also inspires others (audience).

· It works on building a brand image more than anything.

· The audience feels more connected and welcomed because you will be the voice of your brand.

· As the purpose of this marketing is to work for the customer’s satisfaction and to address their concerns, this results in great engagement.

· A good engagement = more brand awareness.

How to become a thought leader?

Everybody dreams about becoming a leader, but what makes thought leadership different?

The best thing about their leadership is that they put their audience and concerns first, and make it their priority. They work for them for all the good reasons. Here are the steps that you need to follow to become

1. Know your audience. This is the prime step of every strategy and not just marketing. You need to know your audience very well as your goal is to work for them only. So, don’t stop once you get to know about your audience, keep learning about them. Because the preferences and problems of your audiences keep changing with time, and you need to keep up with their standards.

2. Use all channels to publish your content. Don’t limit yourself to a handful of channels to share your stories or your content. Use as many channels as you can. Digital marketing is a huge platform and your target audience can be anywhere no matter what your niche is.

3. Use social media platforms to connect with them. As we all know these platforms are best for influence marketers, but that is whole different marketing. What I meant by this is that these platforms give you better opportunities to connect with your audience than any other platform. Use all kinds of methods to connect with them, like, podcasts, polls, hosting a contest, etc.

4. Watch out what your competitors are doing. Watch them closely, how are they helping out their audience, and what they are lacking in. Once you get the idea of what and how they are doing it, it will be easy for you to be a better provider to your audience.

5. Be true to your audience. Influencers usually make promises to their audience that can’t fulfill just for the sake of gaining popularity, but this won’t last for a long period. This would bring a bad name to you and your business as well. Tell your stories to them, share why you are doing it, tell them how you are planning to achieve what you are promising to them, tell them about your past and plans.

6. Work on your content. Good content is the reflection of an intellectual leader. You need to share content that is not only good but also gives value to your readers. It makes you look informative and someone who knows about the industry very well.

How to create a thought leadership marketing strategy?

The reason for creating strategies for marketing is the growth of the business, but with thought leadership marketing the main reason should be interacting and listening to the problems of your audience and serving them with the solutions that they are looking for, which eventually results in the growth of you and your business.

Here are few things that you need to consider while making a thought leadership marketing strategy depending on the type of your business:

1. Set attainable goals. Don’t plan to go big initially. Start with baby steps, which are easy to achieve and smart, to begin with.

2. Study your competitors. Grab the insights of your competitors like which platforms they are using, which methods they are using to connect with their audience, what kind of content they share, how they are different from you. Then you need to work on the differences and modifications.

3. Create content. Brainstorm content ideas with your team and partners. A content that reflects your ideas and values that your audience would love to listen, watch or read about.

4. Alter your content. Every platform has a different algorithm and audience, you need to alter and customize your content according to that.

5. Keep monitoring the results. You need to keep a check on the results to see if your marketing is effective or not.


In this era where everyone is working for themselves and their benefits, this kind of marketing gives a kind of relief to the audience because they are aware of the fact, someone is working for them.

Which BTW will benefit you and your company.

But don’t start this marketing to grow your business. That would be wrong.

Work with the only intention of giving a response to your audience’s problems.

There are many thought leaders and thought leadership marketing agencies that have earned a place in the digital place.

Social media, conferences, webinars, interviews, and guest posting are a few examples of leadership marketing that one should give a shot.

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